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1001 Motivational Quotes for Success Great Quotes from Great Minds: If you are like most people, you know it can be hard to stay motivated and focused 365 days a year whether it be at work, home, school, etc. Especially on those gloomy Monday mornings. Some people listen to their favorite song to get them energized, some read an uplifting story, and others may watch an inspiring movie. .the list goes on. I happen to like reading quotes from successful people.

I have quotes placed anywhere that I can see them; in my bedroom, my car, and in my office. Sometimes I come into the office and feel a little lethargic and less motivated than I should be in order to do my job effectively. I need something extra besides a cup of strong coffee to get me going. All I do is read a quote from my favorite author or businessman, and I seem to get myself back on track. I put this collection of quotes together to help you do the same.

We all have the capabilities to achieve just as much success in life as anyone else. All we need to do is stay motivated and focused, have specific goals and act on them. My hope is that this book gives all of you the extra push you need to get out there and grab life by the horns and achieve all the success life has to offer.

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

What you declare, you will achieve.

To accomplish great things, we
must not only act but also dream,
not only plan but also believe.
– Anatole France

When you think you can’t…
revisit a previous triumph.
– Jack Canfield

Sometimes things become possible
if we want them bad enough.
– T.S. Eliot

To be a leader, you must
stand for something,
or you will fall for anything.
– Anthony Pagano

Don’t you get it?
This very second you could be
doing something you love and
dream about doing. So do it!

Courage is facing your fears.
Stupidity is fearing nothing.
– Todd Bellemare

The spirit, the will to win,
and the will to excel are the things
that endure. These qualities are so
much more important than the
events that occur.
– Vince Lombardi

Victory is always possible for the
person who refuses to
stop fighting.
– Napoleon Hill

Great works are performed
not by strength,
but perseverance.
– Dr. Samuel Johnson 

It doesn’t matter what you are
thinking, or what fear you have,
if you just do it! Action is the only
thing that matters.. .I can see that at
the end of my life, I am not going to
look back and say,
“I wish I had taken more action”.
– Diana von Welanetz Wentworth

People become successful the
minute they decide to.
– Harvey Mackay

Good things come to those who
hustle while they wait

The fastest way to pass your own
expectations is to add passion to
your labor.
– Mike Litman

Your ideas are like
diamonds.. .without the refining
process, they are just a dirty rock,
but by cutting away the impurities,
they become priceless.
– Paul Kearly

Winning is not a “sometime”
thing. You don’t win once in a
awhile, you don’t do things right
once in awhile, you do them right
all of the time. Winning is a habit,
unfortunately, so is losing.

– Vince Lombardi

People become successful the
minute they decide to.
– Harvey Mackay

Good things come to those who
hustle while they wait.

The fastest way to pass your own
expectations is to add passion to
your labor.
– Mike Litman

Your ideas are like
diamonds.. .without the refining
process, they are just a dirty rock,
but by cutting away the impurities,
they become priceless.
– Paul Kearly

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

Success is predictable.
– Brian Tracy

Time, patience, and perseverance
will accomplish all things.

Society may predict, but only I
can determine my destiny.
– Clair Oliver

To be a champion, you have to
believe in yourself
when nobody else will.
– Sugar Ray Robinson

Accept the past for what it was.
Acknowledge the present for what
it is. Anticipate the future for
what it can become.
– Tracy L. McNair

To be a winner, all you have to
give is all you have.

Successful people tend to become
more successful because
they are always thinking about
their successes.
– Brian Tracy

If we are to achieve results never
before accomplished, we must
expect to employ methods never
before attempted.
– Francis Bacon

I have tried 99 times and have
failed, but on the 100th time came
– Albert Einstein

Success is more attitude
than aptitude.

The past is over.. .forget it. The
future holds hope.. .reach for it.
– Charles R. Swindoll

There is always a better way.
– Thomas Edison

Having conceived of his purpose, a
man should mentally mark out a
straight pathway to its achievement,
looking neither to the right
or to the left, but straight.
– James Allen

The habit of persistence is the
habit of victory.
– Herbert Kaufman

People with goals succeed because
they know where they are going.
– Earl Nightingale

For I can do ALL things through
Christ who gives me strength.
– Philippians

Excellence is not being the best;
it is doing your best.

When everything feels like an
uphill struggle, just think of the
view from the top.

To me, a winner is someone who
recognizes their God-given talents, works
his tail off to develop them into skills, and
uses those skills to accomplish his goals.
Even when I lost, I learned what my
weaknesses were and I went out the next
day to turn those weaknesses into
– ITrrv Rird 

The size of your success depends
on the depth of your desire.

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

Don’t limit your challenges;
challenge your limits.

Each day we must strive for
constant and never ending
– Anthony Robbins

If you have a burning desire
and a plan to take action, there is
absolutely nothing you cannot
– Thomas J. Vilord

Approach the start of each day
with something in mind and end
the day with one word.. .DONE.

Dreamers look into the future and
see promise. Those who do not
dream only see the future.
– D. Elder

Life is only what we choose to
make it.

Happiness is the highest level of

In every problem there is a
hidden treasure inside.
It’s your job to find it.

Fear is met and destroyed with
courage. Again and again when the
struggle seems hopeless and all
opportunity lost, the one with a
little more courage, and a little more
effort will have victory.
– James F. Bell

Anyone who has never made a
mistake has never tried anything
– Albert Einstien

Without ambition no conquests
are made, and no business created.
Ambition is the root of all
– James Champy

Cause change and lead;
accept change and survive;
resist change and die.
– Ray Norda

80% of success is showing up.
– Woody Allen

To change bad habits, we must
study the habits of successful role
– Jack Canfield

He who dares, wins.
– Winston Churchill

Trust in yourself. Your perceptions
are often far more accurate
than you are willing to believe.
– Claudia Black

Imagination rules the world.
– Napoleon Bonaparte

If you think you can or if you
think you can’t, either way you
are right.
– Anthony Robbins

God created all men equal. Why
do some accomplish far greater
accomplishments then others?
Because they had a vision, a
desire, and they took action.
– Thomas J. Vilord

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

We can do anything we want to if
we stick to it long enough.
– Helen Keller

Some men give up their designs when
they have almost reached their goal,
while others obtain a victory by exerting,
at the last moment, more
vigorous efforts than ever before.
– Herodotus

Motivation is like food for the
brain. You cannot get enough in
one sitting. It needs continual and
regular refills.
– Peter Davies

Only those who risk going too far
can possibly find out how far
one can go.
– T.S. Eliot

The achievement of one goal
should be the starting point of
– Alexander Graham Bell

Concentrated thoughts produce
desired results.
– Zig Ziglar

People are anxious to improve
their circumstances, but are
unwilling to improve themselves.
That is why they remain bound.
– James Allen

Genius is divine perseverance.
Genius I cannot have, but
perseverance all can have.
– Woodrow Wilson

Money never starts an idea; it’s
the idea that starts the money.
– Mark Victor Hansen

I am not just here to make a
living; I am here to make a life.
– Helice Bridges

Life is short. Focus from this day
forward on making a difference.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, they are
worthless, but people who put
their ideas into action are

You may be disappointed if you
fail, but you are doomed if
you do not try.
– Beverly Sills

It’s not whether you get knocked
down; it’s whether you
get back up.
– Vince Lombardi

Success is the prize
for those who stand
true to their ideas.
– John S. Hinds

I would rather fail in a cause
that would ultimately succeed,
than succeed in a cause that would
ultimately fail.
– Woodrow Wilson

Success is neither magical nor
mysterious. Success is the
natural consequence of
consistently applying the
basic fundamentals.
– Jim Rohn

The path to success is to take massive
determined action.
– Anthony Robbins

I know the price of success:
dedication, hard work, and an
unremitting devotion to the things
you want to see happen.
-Frank Lloyd Wright

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

Your dreams minus your doubts
equal your true worth.

The man who said he never had a
chance, never took one.

Dream your wildest dreams and
you will live a wild life.

Success comes to those who dare
to begin.

Your success is only limited by
your desire.

I have failed over and over again.
That is why I succeed.
– Michael Jordan

Never stop learning. If you learn
one new thing everyday, you will
overcome 99% of your
– Joe Carlozo

I do believe I am special. My
special gift is my vision, my
commitment, and my willingness
to do whatever it takes.
– Anthony Robbins

The starting point of all
achievement is desire. Keep this
constantly in mind. Weak desire
brings weak results, just as
a small amount of fire makes
a small amount of heat.
– Napoleon Hill

It is the mind that makes good or
ill. That which makes us happy
or sad; rich or poor.
– Edmund Spencer

It’s a funny thing about life; if
you refuse to accept anything but
the best, you often get it.
– W. Somerset Manghan

With each choice you make, you
create your life.

Never give up! Failure and
rejection are only the first step to
– Jimmy Valvano

Believe in yourself and you will be
– Emily Guay

Failure is merely part of the
process necessary for success.

The door to success is the one
marked PUSH.

There are no failures in life, only

those who give up to soon

Don’t wish for it.. .work for it!

He who conquers others is strong.
He who conquers himself is
– Lao Tzu

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

Don’t be afraid to go after what
you want to do and what you want
to be, and don’t be afraid to pay
the price to get it

The best way to accomplish
something is to just do it, and
then find the courage afterwards.


– Nike

Never let your fears be the
boundaries of your dreams.

Think BIG! You are going to be
thinking anyway, so think BIG!
– Donald Trump

We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things if
the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winters evening.
Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect
them; they nurse them through bad days until they bring them to the
sunshine and the light that always comes to those who sincerely hope thai
their dreams will come true.

– Woodrow wilson

Success in the end erases all the
mistakes along the way.
– Chinese Proverb

Success is a piece of mind which
is a direct result of the
self-satisfaction knowing you did
your best to become the best you
are capable of becoming.
– John Wooden

Life’s battles don’t always go to
the faster, stronger man. The man
who wins is the man who
thinks he can.

People become really quite
remarkable when they start thinking
that they can do things. When
they believe in themselves, they
have the first secret of success.
– Norman Vincent Peale

The day I stop giving is the day
I stop receiving. The day I stop
learning is the day
I stop growing

Winners are ordinary people
with extraordinary heart.

The only difference between
dreams and achievements
is hard work.
– Mayor Chris Bollwage

The happiest of people do not
necessarily have the best of
everything. They just make the
most of everything that comes
along their way.

True success in life is not
measured by how much you make,
but by how much of a difference
you make.

Allow yourself to dream and
fantasize about your ideal life;
what it would look like, and what
it would feel like. Then do
something everyday to make it a

The secret of success is
consistency of purpose.
– Benjamin Disraeli

If the mind of man can believe,
the mind of man can achieve.
– Napoleon Hill

To conquer without risk is to
triumph without glory.
– El Cid

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

Thoughts and ideas are the source
of all wealth, success, material
gain, all great discoveries,
inventions and achievements.
– Mark Victor Hansen

You miss 100% of the shots you
don’t take.
– Wayne Gretzky

I am not judged by the number
of times I fail, but the number
of times I succeed, and the number
of times I succeed is a direct proportion
to the number of times I
fail and keep trying.
– Tom Hopkins

No man ever became great
without many and great
– William E. Gladstone

Add value to everyday.
Sharpen your skills and
your understanding.

People of mediocre ability
sometimes achieve outstanding
success because they don’t know
when to quit. Most men succeed
because they are determined to.
– George E. Allen

Life is filled with possibilities

Decide what is worthwhile and
follow through with it.

I do not think there is any other
quality so essential to the success of
any kind as the quality of perseverance.
It overcomes almost
everything, even nature.
– John D. Rockefeller

Real success is finding your life
work in the work that you love.
– David McCullough

Creativity means believing you
have greatness.
– Dr. Wayne D. Dwyer

I can’t believe that God put us on
this earth just to be ordinary.
– Lou Holtz

Believe that you have it,
and you will have it.
– Latin Proverb

In the long run, we only hit what
we aim at.
– Henry David Thoreau

Start each day by affirming
peaceful, contented, and happy
attitudes and your days will tend
to be pleasant and successful.
– Norman Vincent Peale

If I had to select one quality and
one personal characteristic that I
regard as being most highly
correlated with success, whatever
the field, I would pick persistence
and determination. The will to
endure to the end, to get knocked
down seventy times and
get up off the floor saying,
“Here comes number seventy one”.
– Richard M. Devos

The happiest life is that which
consistently exercises and educates
what is best in us.
– Philip G. Hamerton

Our aspirations are our
– Samuel Johnson

Innovate, develop, motivate,
inspire, trust – be a leader.

There is nothing training \
cannot do. Nothing is above its
reach. It can turn bad morals to
good morals; it can destroy bad
principles and re-create good ones;
it can lift men to angelship.
– Mark Twain

Discovery lies in seeing what
everyone sees, but thinking what
know one has thought.

Be courageous! Have faith!
Go forward.
– Thomas A. Edison

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

Life is built of the things we do.
The only constructive material is
positive action.

The actual is limited, the
possibilities immense.
– LaMartine

Success seems to be connected
with action. Successful men keep
moving; they make mistakes, but
they do not quit.
– Conrad Hilton

Do not settle for less than an
extraordinary life.

Success is not always achieved by
hard work alone, but mix it with a
little bit of organization and a little
strength from God above and
you’ll have a winning recipe.

You have to find something thatz
you love enough to be able to take
risks, jump over the hurdles and
break though the brick walls that are
always going to be placed in front of
you. If you don’t have that kind of
feeling for what it is you are doing,
you’ll stop at the first giant hurdle.

– George Lucas

Stay focused and stay curious.
Do what you say you will do.

Always keep a window open in
your mind for new ideas.

I maintained my edge by always
being a student; you will always
have something new to learn.
– Jackie Joyner Kersee

Keys to success: Research your
ideas, plan for success, expect
success, and just do it.
– John S. Hinds

This is America.. .we can do
anything here!
– Ted Turner

I am a great believer in luck, and
I find that the harder I work the
more luck I have.
– Thomas Jefferson

You’ve got to get up every
morning with determination if
you’re going to go to bed with
– George Horace Lorimer

Destiny is not a matter of chance;
it’s a matter of choice. It is not a
thing to be waited for; it is a thing
to be achieved.
– Jeremy Kitson

Every success is built on the
ability to do better than
good enough.

If you want your life to be a magnificent
story, then begin by realizing
that you are the author and
everyday you have the opportunity
to write a new page.
– Mark Houlahan

Nothing great was ever achieved
without enthusiasm.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why? Why not? Why not you?
Why not now?
– Aslan

Consult not your fears, but your hopes
and your dreams. Think not about your
frustrations, but about your unfilled
potential. Concern yourself not with
what you have tried and failed in, but
for what is still possible for you to do.
– Pope John XXIIIT

What lies behind us and what lies
before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

In life, those that are great are
those that dare to follow their
dreams through the good times
AND the bad times.

Out of difficulties grow miracles.
– Jean De La Bruyere

We must all suffer one of two
things: The pain of discipline or
the pain of regret and
– Jim Rohn

Faith is to believe what you do not
yet see; the reward for this faith is
to see what you believe.
– St. Augustine

If I have the belief that I can do it.
I shall surely acquire the capacity
to do it even if I may not have the
capacity at the beginning.
– Mahatma Ghandi

The greatest glory in living lies not
in never falling, but in
rising every time we fall.
– Nelson Mandela

All of our dreams can come true
if we have the courage to
pursue them.
– Walt Disney

Through perseverance, many
people win success out of what
seemed destined to be
certain failure.
– Benjamin Disraeli

To succeed, you need to take that
gut feeling in what you believe and
act on it with all of your heart.
– Christy Borgeld

Believe in a hope that a new hope
is dawning.. .believe that your
dreams will come true.. .believe in
the promise of brighter
tomorrows.. .begin
by believing in you.

Reach for the moon.
If you fall short at least
you’ll be among the stars.

It’s in your moments of decision
that your destiny is shaped.
– Anthony Robbins

Focus on where you want to go,
not where your currently are.

If you can’t do it today, what
makes you think you can do it
– Yusuf Tara

The only thing you have to fear
is not giving 100%.

To be successful you must decide
exactly what you want to
accomplish, and then resolve to
pay the price to get it.

– Bunker Hunt

There are no limitations to any
of our dreams.
– Gene Simmons

Believe.. .and the
magic will follow.

Success is not where you are in
life, but the obstacles you have
– Booker T. Washington

Life is an adventure! Live it while
you can. You can never have
today again, tomorrow only comes
once, and yesterday is gone forever.
Make your choice wisely, then
live the adventure you create.

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

Action may not bring happiness,
but there is no happiness
without action.
– William James

Our intentions create our reality.
– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

We cannot always control what
goes on outside, but we can control
what goes on inside.

Some men have thousands of
reasons why they cannot do what
they want to; all they need is one
reason why they can.
– Willis Whitney

If you realized how powerful your
thoughts are, you would never
think another negative thought.
– Peace Pilgrimp

Experience tells you what to do.
Confidence allows you to do it.
– Stan Smith

Everything you want is on the
other side of fear.
– Jack Canfield

If there is something to gain and
nothing to lose by asking, by all
means ask!
– W. Clement Stone

If you consistently and
persistently do the things that
other successful people do, nothing
in the world can stop you from
being a big success also.
– Brian Tracy

Your ability will grow to match
your dreams.
– Jim Rohn

Ask yourself, “Am I now ready to
make some changes.”
– Jack Canfield

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

The majority of men meet with
failure because of their lack of per.
sistence in creating new plans to
take the place of those that fail.
– Napoleon Hill

Things that matter most must
never be at the mercy of things
that matter least.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your income rarely exceeds your
personal development.
– Jim Rohn

You are the architect of your owner
destiny; you are the master of your
own fate; you are behind the steering
wheel of your life. There are no
limitations to what you can do, have, or
be. Accept the limitations you place on
yourself by your own thinking.
– Brian Tracy

It’s so hard when contemplated in
advance, and so easy when you
just do it.

– Robert M. Pirsig
(about forming positive habits)

The individual who wants to
reach the top in business must
appreciate the mighty force of
habit and must understand that
practices are what create habits.
We must be quick to break those
old habits that break us and hasten
to adopt those practices that
will become the habits that will
help us achieve the success
we desire.
– J. Paul Getty

You can turn neg
consequences into posit
simply by changin
habits now.

Somebody is always doing what
somebody else said couldn’t
be done.

If you have goals and
procrastination you have nothing.
If you have goals and you take
action, you will have anything
you want.
– Thomas J. Vilord

Remember, if you want a different
result, do something different.

A brilliant idea without action is
like Mark McGwire playing
baseball without a bat.
– Jack Canfield

The life that is not examined is
not worth living.
– Socrates

Develop the habit of changing
your habits.

One can dream of horizons bigger
than the imagination – how you go
about implementing those dreams
will be the key to your success.

Everyday is a gift, that is why it is
called the present.

It is not what you say or hope,
wish or intend, but only what you
do that counts. Your choices tell
you unerringly who you really are.
– Brian Tracy

Man alone has the power to
transfer his thoughts into physical
reality; man alone can dream and
make his dreams come true.
– Napoleon Hill

Success never comes to look for
you while you wait around.
You’ve got to get up and work at
it to make your dreams come true.
– Poh Yu Khing

Commit yourself to life long
learning. The most valuable asset
you will ever have is your mind
and what you put into it.
– Brian Tracy

1001 Motivational Quotes For Success

If I can dream, I can act and if I
can act, I can become.
– Poh Yu Khing

On the path to success always lies
big O’s. Some read them as
Obstacles, and others read them as

Success is committing to give your
best no matter what the

There are no losers in losing, only
losers in not wanting to win.
– Jesus M. Trejo

To the world you may be one
person, but to one person you
may be the world.
– Paulette Mitchell

A time comes when you need to
stop waiting for the man you want
to become and start being the main
you want to be.
– Bruce Springsteen

What have you done today to help
you reach your lifelong goals?
– Brian Tracy

A dream is not something that you
wake up from, but
something that wakes you up.
– Charlie Hedges

The only way to discover the limits
of the possible is to go beyond
them into the impossible.
– Arthur C. Clark

If we always look back, we lose
sight of what’s ahead.
– Justin Sims

Believe you will be successful and
you will.
– Dale Carnegie

Success is measured in terms of reaching
your goals, dreams, and
expectations. Your success is
determined by hard work,
persistence, and determination. If you
are going to be a success in life it’s all up
to you… .it’s your responsibility.
– Will Horton

You can never dream too big, but
you can think too little.

If you can dream it and you want
it bad enough, then the
reality will become real.

The toughest part of working up
the ladder is fighting through the
crowd at the bottom.

A man has two names: the one he
is born with and the one that he
makes for himself.

If at first you don’t succeed, dust
yourself off and try again.
– Aaliyah (song lyrics)

Sometimes a winner is just a
dreamer that never gave up.

You are what you repeatedly do.
Excellence is not an event –
it is a habit.

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